Plates of all life :

  • Paella mixed
  • Spanish omelet
  • Ali – Oli potatoes
  • Patatas bravas
  • Garlic Prawns
  • Salad
  • Craft croquettes and
  •   More…

You can enjoy tapas with their unique flavors.

Special plates like:: Riojana chicken; Creeps with prawns; Fish with green sauce and a variety of combined plates..


Our desserts are noted for being made by hand.

The best, known as the brownie with ice cream, flan and crepes with caramel are part of our delicious menu.



The Tavena is located in the old town of Manali, called Old Manali, where every year tourists from around the world who mostly come from Israel arrive here.  

Our clients comes from these tourists of different nationalities, who come for the purpose of a taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

La Taberna Restaurant Spanish

La La Taberna, corner of Spain in Himalayan mountains

La Taberna is an option in Manali to sample authentic Spanish food.

 Its rustic style and friendly atmosphere will make you feel you're in a corner of Spain. Here you will find dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

High Mountains 

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